Who we are

There’s one thing important to us: YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICE! We are an Electronic Manufacturing Service Company (EMS) who’s focused on 100% customized electronics, without compromises or bad workarounds. Please contact us to find your ideal combination of prize and performance to meet not only your requirements but also your budget. From Ultrasonic Generators to Electronic Ballasts for Ultraviolet Lamps we did already built a wide range of applications for our customers.
Since founding in 1978 we’ve grown from a component distributor for Radio and Television Technology Engineers to an Electronic Manufacturing Service Company for Industrial Customers. Talk to us, we continue to grow with your requirements in the future.

What we do



Decisive decisions on usability, quality, cost and reparability of your future product are made even before you start your development. Sure, the sooner you find a fault, the easier it is to solve it, but we think it's even better not to implement it at all! Talk to us, we know what's ahead.


Hardware Development
& Layout

Reliable Hardware is essential for each device. We pay attention to thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic constraints (emission/immission) while meeting your performance requirements. Furthermore we are able to perform EMC tests in the development phase already and thus are able to find and eliminate possible design weaknesses very soon.


Firmware Development
& Verification

We accompany you in coding your microprocessors and FPGAs in C, C++ or VHDL. In close collaboration with your team we can meet your requirements as soon as possible. This includes an appropriate verification as well, as you know: What isn't tested, doesn't work!



Whether you need a test print, a board or a whole device: we carry out all necessary activities until your product is ready to ship. In addition we offer customer specific Factory Acceptance Tests or packaging, if required.



We also offer repair service for all devices produced in our house. Especially for products with a long life cycle this might ensure the operation of your or your customers' facility. In addition you can save money and resources by keeping your equipment alive.

Where to find us

HTV electronic
Halbleiter Technik Vertrieb GmbH
Schönbornstraße 4
63741 Aschaffenburg, Germany

Phone: +49 6021 421314
E-Mail: info@htv-electronic.de
Andreas Heeg Managing Director, R&D
Robert Roth Production